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A)   Extrusion

B)   Die-Casting

Feature:Durability, Weather Ability, Raised Shape 

The surface of processing is more smooth than stamping process, the angle of bend is exact as well, the look is luxurious. Aluminum die-casting products can be various goods, most purpose is to be used as object of heat sinking.

C)   Emblem

Use as symbol of logo or a portion of parts for vehicles, a portion of various machines, it makes your merchandise with greatest quality.
Metallic Name Plate

Feature:Durability, Weather Ability, Raised Shape, Metallic Gloss , Sparkle of Surface Finished, Luxurious Style.
Main materials can be used are Aluminum, Brass, Zine and Stainless Steel, or to be picked against need.

Special Treatment Name Plate 

Feature:Durability, Weather Ability, Raised Shape, Metallic Gloss, Sparkle of Surface Finished, Luxurious Style, Solid appearance.

► Etching – Color is able to be option, no edge after process, the surface is smooth and safe, concave or convex appearance of text both is available.
► Grinding – Appearance is with radial look to present the effect.
► Sandblasting pattern
► Streak pattern

Colors Finishing
♦ Anodizing – Excellent Quality
♦ Electroplating
♦ Powder Coating

Mirror Look Emblem

Feature:Durability, Metallic Gloss, Specific Surface Finished, Luxurious Style.
The surface finished is a technology surmounted, conception of optical appearance
and mirror looking is utilized for upgrading the effect.

Plastic Name Plate

Feature:Cost economically, utility application.

PVC, PC or PET is the major material and can be processed by Epoxy, PU, Polyester (Poly) coating. The application is extensive.