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Work Lamp
Work Lamp
Super Power White LEDs are used.
Body Material:Aluminum

Shape:Round, Square or Rectangular
Diodes of LED:4 Diodes, 8 Diodes, 10 Diodes, 12 Diodes, 20 Diodes
Watt of LED type:1 watt, 3 watt or 5 watt
Input Voltage:9V ~ 36 V or 12V ~ 54V
Candela:Below 2000cd, 3000cd ~ 4000cd, 5000cd ~ 6000cd, Above 7000cd
Function:Fog Lamp, Driving Lamp, Flood Lamp, Work Lamp, Off-Road Spot Lamp
** Model, candela and function need be registered before design and development, above details are for reference what demand could be considered.