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Combination Lamp
A lamp is designed for combining several different functions, it can be covering stop, tail, turn, rear reflex, side marker, side reflex and license light. Shape of lamp design could be square, rectangular, Round, Oval or polygondependent on customers'expectation and requirement of regulations. The application is most for various trailers or heavy trucks.
Side Marker Lamp
The lamps are used as side indicator, red color or amber color is picked by customers due to demand. LED version is getting to replaced traditional incandescent bulb type more and more within passed these years. Common optics lens or new type with interior reflector function built-in is selected upon application.
Work Lamp
LED Work Lamp is very hot product these two years, it is extensively being used for specific vehicles like forestry truck, mining truck, construction truck, tipper truck, mixer truck, forklift, crane and agricultural vehicle. Different lighting beam patterns with along the reflective ranges are designed for your different application. High power type of LED in 3 watt or 5 watt used is in order to power luminous intensity but in low current. Multi voltage is considered into design of circuit board due to various vehicles use.
Warning Lamps for emergency, maintenance, service vehicles. Or utility demand for forklift, crane, agriculture.
Street Bike Lamps
Indicator lamps for universal or specific models of bikes. Tail lamps for universal or specific models of bikes.
Restyle Lamps
HID Head Lamp with LED auxiliary. The characteristic is in order to replace traditional Halogen type H1 type HID and D2S type HID. This is a DIY enjoyable set model.
Accessories for various vehicles lighting are including Reflectors, Bezels, Mounting Brackets, Grommets, Plugs, Lead Wires, Harness, Connectors and so on. These accessories are auxiliary fitting for lamps assembly or installation. Dimensions or sizes are options,specific need is able to be registered through new development.
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