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Beam Pattern of Work Lamp
White LED Light is a variety of design or application for your specific vehicle, the diagram is an auxiliary to show the lighting beam patterns with along the reflective ranges to guide you selecting the proper pattern will be needed.
Design Development
Donjon has R&D division who is providing professional OEM/ODM development for customers including drawings build, molds setup, samples presentation and modifications etc.
3-D Drawing
3-D drawing programs are used by R&D engineers to create interior structure and exterior look, accurate angle, excellent curve, featured design are impressive to make lamps with charming quality.
Flux Data & Candela Value
Flux data and candela value of light projection are performed in certificated laboratory, devices of Photometry and colorimetry for both luminous intensity and color test (xy Chromaticity Coordinate Boundaries) are regular requirement in order to meet legal regulations.
OEM/ODM Development
We understand your demands and concerns, details of design ideas and regulations will execute the preview before development. Existing merchandise is easy and convenient to you for purchasing, however, OEM / ODM products are processed accordingly by our teams who are with pregnant experience. It will meet customers’ expectation.
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